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Bolingbrook Land Design, Inc.  BLD-SOP-01 Plant & Tree Warranty

June 2017


Bolingbrook provides a limited six month warranty for plant materials that we purchase and install. We do not install plant material purchased by homeowners. Our warranty guarantees that all plant material is free of disease and/or insect infestation upon installation and that installed plants are free of physical damage and in good health. We guarantee that the installation will be completed according to industry standard quality criteria. Bolingbrook will inform the property owner of general watering requirements and site-specific environmental conditions that can impact plant acclimatization, normal growth, and long-term viability.


The warranty is contingent on the following criteria:

  • Warranty replacement is a one-time event. Dead plants or trees will only be replaced one time. Any future replacement cost is the customer’s responsibility. Refunds are not issued in lieu of replacement.

  • Living plants are not covered by warranty. Plants must be dead before they will be replaced under warranty.

    • Plants or trees that only exhibit signs of insect infestations or disease will not be replaced.

    • Plants experiencing “seasonal die-back” will not be replaced when pruning and proper care will restore them to health.

  • Transplanted Plants. Transplanted plant materials are not covered under warranty.

  • Force Majeure. Plant materials that have been subjected to abnormal weather conditions or other environmental conditions that we cannot control (e.g., drought, abnormally heavy precipitation, run-on surface drainage, hard freezes/frost, hail or storm damage) are not warrantied.

  • Insect infestations and/or plant diseases are not covered under warranty. Bolingbrook is not liable for replacing plant materials that might become infected or diseased after installation due to lack of proper care or when the customer neglects to maintain the plant in a healthy state. Bolingbrook inspects all plant materials prior to transporting to the customer’s jobsite. If inspections confirm the presence of disease or insect infestation, the shipment is rejected and returned to the supplier. At the customer’s request, Bolingbrook will treat any insect infestations or plant disease for the industry-specified duration and with the appropriate product required to successfully treat the deficient plant condition. Treatment will be based on plant pathology analysis conducted by the UT Ellington Agricultural Extension office. The cost of treatment is the customers responsibility.

  • Automated irrigation must be operational at the time of installation and properly programmed.

    • Customers must ensure that the plants receive adequate watering and no excessive overwatering.

    • Irrigation must be adjusted as the growing season conditions change to deliver the proper amount of water required for healthy plant growth.

    • Plants or trees must not be negatively impacted by surface water drainage into the bed or at the base of the plant.

  • No physical damage to plant or tree structure. Plants are installed without significant physical damage (e.g., broken branches or stems). Plants that are physically damaged after installation are not covered under warranty.

  • Plant materials must not be subjected to herbicide damage from off-property application drift or by homeowner product application.

  • Plants must be installed in areas that are ideal growing environments. Plants installed at specific locations at homeowner’s request or directive in unacceptable areas (e.g., next to dryer vents, areas where surface drainage accumulates and does not drain well) are not covered under warranty.


Warranty Process

  • If a customer has plants that have died or are dying, and the warranty period has not expired, the customer must contact Bolingbrook in writing via email and request an inspection.

  • Bolingbrook will inspect the plant and collect and submit a sample for pathological analysis to be conducted by the UT Ellington Agricultural Extension. Based on pathology results, we will develop and execute an appropriate treatment program. Cost of treatment is the customer’s responsibility. If the treatment is unsuccessful after the required treatment period, then the plant will be replaced under warranty.

  • If inspection and/or analysis confirms that the plant is dead or will not recover, the plant will be replaced when our schedule and/or plant availability allows.

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