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We work with your designer, or introduce you to a proven designer, to produce a custom design that maximizes the aesthetic and financial value of your property. Our designers incorporate site-specific elements, your objectives and design criteria, and a wide variety of natural materials to produce a stunning design. Our designs incorporate grading and drainage requirements, irrigation, lighting, hardscapes, pools, decks, patios, water features & ponds, fire pits, fences, retaining walls, terraces, and rock accents.

We have strong working relationships with several landscape design firms including Coile Associates and Charley N. Massey Design.  With their design expertise and our installation experience, we provide seamless project management from design through to completion.


Key Benefits

  • Seamless communication  between the designer, contractor, and the client ensures that your design criteria are included up front. This shortens the design cycle, minimizes revisions, minimizes rework, and accelerates project completion.

  • Sole source project delivery means that you work with one person with one contractor, eliminating communication and scheduling issues.



Bolingbrook's installation team has more than 100 years of combined knowledge and experience. We have successfully completed more than 500 high-end installation projects during our 24 years of business in the Nashville area.

Proper installation requires attention to site-specific conditions, healthy plant materials, adequate soil preparation and/or amendment, and fertilization. We make sure it is done right the first time!


Key Benefits

  • Rapid maturation of newly installed plants allows plants to grow larger more quickly and be more resistant to extreme weather conditions.

  • Extensive knowledge of local plant varieties and  regional soil types ensures your installation will mature quickly and remain healthy

  • Strong relationship with southeastern suppliers ensures you receive only the highest quality plant materials.

  • Extensive knowledge of regional plant materials which ensures your landscaping will thrive in the regional conditions.



We provide all of the maintenance services that you need to maintain a beautiful property:

  • Mowing & Trimming (Only as a component of a full-service maintenance package)

  • Turf Management: Weed management and preventative disease control applications

  • Landscape Bed Maintenance

  • Mulch Installation

  • Seasonal Color Installations

  • Fall Leaf Removal

  • Fall Aeration & Overseeding

  • Irrigation Activation/Winterization.


Key Benefits

  • Proactive maintenance ensures that weeds, insects, and/or disease does not have a chance to damage your turf or plant materials

  • Increases the curb-appeal and value of your property

  • 24 Years of providing maintenance services ensures that we understand the needs of regional turf and landscape management requirements

  • More than 225 current highly satisfied customers ensures you that we are focused on maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction.


Sustainable Landscape Solutions

We are focused on environmental protection and conservation by:

·      Minimizing environmental impacts by developing designs that decrease water consumption and increase shade for structures.

·      Using organic fertilizers that minimize storm water pollution, chemical consumption, and provide a safe environment for your children and pets.

·      Certifying our Spray Technicians to ensure appropriate pesticide, herbicide and fertilizer application.

·      Train our staff to properly apply fertilizers and nutrients to ensure that storm water runoff and pollution is minimized.

Recycling all yard waste by converting it to mulch.


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